Numerology Number 1: Meaning, Characteristics, Career, Love

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What does the number 1 mean in numerology?

Those born on the 1st, 10th, 19th and 28th of any month are considered No. 1. These are people who usually like to lead from the front and do better in authority positions over others. They’d prefer to be their own master or at least would feel much more comfortable when in commanding positions.

According to astrology, No. 1 is governed by the planet Sun. The Sun is the head of the solar system and all the planets revolve around it. In the science of predictive astrology, we consider it as the most powerful and authoritative planet. Generally speaking, the planet Sun in astrology signifies power, position and authority.

In tarot, No. 1 is associated with the Magician. When it appears in a spread, it points to the talents, abilities and resources at the querent’s disposal to succeed.

Facts about the number 1

  • In Mathematics, 1 is the smallest odd number. It follows the number 0 and precedes 2.
  • 1 gives birth to all numbers.
  • It is a masculine number.

Numerology number 1 characteristics

Birth Number 1 individuals are very ambitious, self reliant and competitive. They possess incredible leadership skills, potential and an innate drive to accomplish whatever they have set up in mind. Their purpose is to reach the number one position in their area of work.

If you check the date of birth of famous warriors, Generals, political leaders, innovators, pioneers, managers and such type of people, you will find that many of them have their birth number one, i.e., they were born on either 1st, 10th, 19th or 28th. In case they were not born on these dates, then their most probable Life Path Number is 1. (This doesn’t mean that all of them were birth no. 1 or life path no. 1 individuals, but it simply means such types of individuals are dominated by number one).

No. 1 people also have some negative traits. They have ego and anger. They are self centered and want to get respected. They also happen to be quarrelsome, restless and proud.

Famous people with birth number 1

The list of individuals with birth number 1 in numerology is very big. Below are some of the famous people whose Birth Number is 1.

  • Bill Gates, American business magnate: October 28, 1955
  • Bill Clinton, American politician: August 19, 1946
  • Princess Diana, Princess of Wales: July 1, 1961
  • William John Warner (Cheiro), Astrologer: November 1, 1866
  • Marilyn Monroe, American actress: June 1, 1926
  • Lady Gaga, American singer-songwriter: March 28, 1986
  • Bruce Willis, American actor: March 19, 1955
  • Justin Bieber, Canadian singer-songwriter: March 1, 1994
  • Sharon Stone, American actress: March 10, 1958
  • Julia Roberts, American actress: October 28, 1967
  • Maria Sharapova, Russian tennis player: April 19, 1987
  • Carlos Slim, Mexican business magnate: January 28, 1940
  • Sunita Williams, American astronaut: September 19, 1965
  • Jessica Alba, American actress: April 28, 1981
  • Pamela Anderson, American-Canadian actress: July 1, 1967
  • Saddam Hussein, Iraqi politician: April 28, 1937
  • Osama Bin Laden, al-Qaeda Leader: March 10, 1957

Numerology number 1 career

A natural leader, you’re happiest when you’re working and bringing creative ideas to life. You’re a visionary and an inspiration for others. Despite being ambitious, you aren’t the type of person to put down others to move up the ladder. The only people who might get upset with your manner of functioning are those who aren’t able to keep up with your perfection.

People with No. 1 in numerology has a strong desire to achieve whatever target has been set out. It’s quite rare for these individuals to not achieve it. Therefore, if you want to win, it makes sense to be with a team led by number one.

Career best suited for number 1 in numerology are : Business, military, politics, preacher, law, astrology.

Numerology number 1 love life

Since you have leadership qualities and always want to lead, this nature can be daunting for some who like to take things easy.

To avoid conflicts between you and your partner, you must allow him/her to take the lead sometimes.

Numerology number 1 compatibility

The best match for numerology number 1 is with 3 or 5 individuals as 3 is light-hearted and can casually handle 1’s serious nature while 5’s adventurous nature compliments 1’s.

While they are least compatible with Numbers 4, 6, and 8 people.

Numerology number 1 marriage

In the family life also, you act like a boss and take final decisions. If there is something you don’t enjoy or want to do, nobody will force you. Your partner can perceive this attribute as obduracy, stubbornness, excellence, and egoism. You’re such a person who can’t forget your youth relationships. You feel like they could understand you accurately. And this is the very reason why most numerology number one individuals like to settle their life with their childhood friend or lover.

You don’t want to compromise at any time period with any circumstance in life. You’re partially obsessed with yourself that you’ve some exceptional qualities, which causes you to pick just exceptional or extraordinary people as your life partner. Besides that, you have a taste for beauty. Because of this, you want to stay unmarried for a long time until you find the best life partner who will meet your expectations. This tendency sometimes leads to a late marriage too.

Favorable months for numerology #1

Favorable months of the year for numerology #1 people include January, May, July and October. Therefore, if they want to start a business or any other project, he/she should start it in those months.

Lucky numbers:

Your most important numbers and dates are 1, 2, 4 and 7. And all their series, such as the 1st, 2nd, 4th, 7th, 10th, 11th, 13th, 16th, 19th, 20th, 22nd, 25th, 28th, 29th and 31st.

Number 1 numerology persons who are considering projects or significant appointments should make an effort on the above day.

Lucky colors

Your lucky colors are that of the Sun, which are gold, yellow, orange and brown.

Lucky stones:

Your lucky stone is Ruby. You should wear it on the right-hand ring finger of 4 carats approximately, set in Gold.